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Patricia Dallmann posted a blog post

Abiding Quaker new essay: Moses and the Burning Bush

The following excerpt is from the essay "Moses and the Burning Bush," which can be found at The essay is based upon ministry given on 12/31/17 at Germantown Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.To Moses, who saw his limitation and…See More
1st month 10
David McKay commented on Patricia Dallmann's blog post 'A Review of Traditional Quaker Christianity'
"I'm coming a little late to this discussion: I've just uploaded this book to my e-reader and have read the first chapter. Thanks to Patricia for her review."
1st month 1
Keith Saylor commented on Patricia Dallmann's blog post 'The Only Antidote (Part Two)'
"Thank you for sharing the piece by Hunter. There is much to glean from it. I am struck by: “The cultural logic of the Enlightenment project has lost credibility, and the liberal—genuinely liberal—regime it inspired is collapsing.…"
12th month 31
Patricia Dallmann commented on Patricia Dallmann's blog post 'The Only Antidote (Part Two)'
"The copious bloodshed of two world wars and the enslavement and annihilation of millions of Jews in the Holocaust, not to mention the imprisonment of millions of dissidents in the Gulag, brought home the epic failure of the Enlightenment project to…"
12th month 29, 2017
Patricia Dallmann replied to Forrest Curo's discussion 'The Politics of God'
"This statement is from a letter that Fox wrote in 1651 while he was being held in Darby jail. In this letter, Fox admonishes local judges to love virtue, specifically “mercy, true judgment, justice and righteousness.” Notice that he does…"
12th month 1, 2017
Patricia Dallmann replied to Ray Lovegrove's discussion 'Is this article from Mennoworld (Mennonite) relevant to Friends?'
"Although there's value in tracing the decline of a faith tradition (whether Mennonite or Quaker), as has been done here, it would then be good to see an account of the right relationship between the Christ and the Scriptures that the early…"
10th month 25, 2017
Patricia Dallmann commented on David McKay's blog post 'Quaker Bible Index Top 100 List: Number 3'
"Good work, David. I hope you'll present other such verses using the same format, in addition to Justin's request."
10th month 22, 2017

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About Me
I've been a Quaker since the mid eighties, have worked with New Foundation Fellowship for twenty years, and am a writer with a newly published book titled The Word Within Essays on Prophetic Quaker Faith.

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Patricia Dallmann's Blog

Abiding Quaker new essay: Moses and the Burning Bush

Posted on 1st mo. 10, 2018 at 9:52am 0 Comments

The following excerpt is from the essay "Moses and the Burning Bush," which can be found at The essay is based upon ministry given on 12/31/17 at Germantown Meeting in Philadelphia,…


Called to Christ

Posted on 10th mo. 9, 2017 at 8:00am 0 Comments

[The following is based upon vocal ministry given at Germantown Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 1 Tenth month 2017.]

In his Journal George Fox spoke of three kinds of dreams:

For there were…


Rediscovering the Teaching of George Fox: Introduction to "Restoring the Church of the Cross" (Eighth lecture)

Posted on 8th mo. 25, 2017 at 11:30am 0 Comments

The fellowship of the cross of Christ…is not of man, nor by man; for it is in the everlasting power of God; therefore, no longer do you keep in fellowship, but as you keep in the cross of Christ (Works, 8:67).

“Restoring the Church of the Cross" is the title of the…


The Inward Eclipse

Posted on 8th mo. 22, 2017 at 4:28pm 0 Comments

Today is the day of the solar eclipse, and verses from Mark come to mind:

But in those days, after that distress, the sun will be darkened, the moon will not give her light; the stars will come falling from the sky, the celestial powers will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds…


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At 12:51pm on 3rd mo. 18, 2015, Adria Gulizia said…

Hi, Patricia. As a matter of fact, a new Philadelphia Friends of Jesus group might be launching soon. I am planning to go down for the launch, once it is scheduled. I was already planning to reach out to you when I went to Philadelphia so that you and I could meet up, but now that I know that you are interested in the FoJF, I will keep you posted on that, too!

At 11:33am on 3rd mo. 18, 2015, William F Rushby said…

Thanks, Patricia, for locating (with Ellis Hein's help) the passage comparing Fox and Barclay.  Before I write much about this passage, I need to find and read it.

Life at the moment is rather hectic for me, so it might be a while before I find the document and read the passage.

At 11:25am on 3rd mo. 18, 2015, Brenda Redshaw said…

Greetings Friends,

In the Eight Proposition section 11, Barclay says "Lastly, though I affirm that after a man hath arrived to such a condition in which a man may not sin, he yet may sin; I will nevertheless not deny but there may be a state attainable in this life, in which to do righteousness may become so natural to the regenerate soul, that in the stability of this condition they can not sin. Others may perhaps speak more certainly of this state, as having arrived to it. For me, I shall speak modestly, as acknowledging myself not to have arrived at it; yet I dare not deny it, for that it seems so positively to be asserted by the apostle, in these words (1 John 3:9), "He that is born of God sinneth not, neither can he, because the seed of God remaineth in him."1"

And this is the difference between himself and Fox who had reached the state of perfection, but as in all revivals of holiness, by the time the second generation comes around, achievement of union is fading amongst the revivalists. Without the discernement of the Spirit which Fox  had, and Christ teaching him directly, Barclay is only going to be able to repeat what he had heard from men and therefore, his teaching will differ from those who were in complete union with Christ like Fox in the finer points of the doctrine of holiness..


At 11:14am on 3rd mo. 17, 2015, William F Rushby said…

William F Rushby said…

I should mention that Lewis Benson was well read in Protestant theology, and was particularly attracted to and influenced by the theology of Emil Brunner.  See   I suspect that Brunner's theology enters into Benson's reading of George Fox.

We don't study Quaker sources in an intellectual vacuum.  Our examination of Quaker texts and experiences is inevitably influenced by other influences at work in our lives.  And Lewis Benson was no exception!

At 8:57am on 3rd mo. 17, 2015, William F Rushby said…

Patricia: I wrote a response, and then mistakenly deleted it.  I wish I could resurrect it, but I don't know how to do that.  I'll try a bit later to reconstruct what I wrote!

At 2:39pm on 10th mo. 28, 2014, Keith Saylor said…

I clearly did not understand your words correctly. Thank you for taking time to clarify for me.

At 4:07pm on 2nd mo. 6, 2010, Patricia Dallmann said…
Thanks so much, Martin, for welcoming me to this very fine site! There's so much here, and it has substance! I think that Lewis Benson would be pleased! I've written to American NFFers and suggested they explore the site and also saw that a couple of British workers are already members. Your offer to post the Wyoming gathering is much appreciated. One of us will try posting it, and if it's no go we'll get back to you for help. Thanks also for offering to put The Word Within on the Books page. Have a couple of things to do on that first - like get it back from the printer's and put it up on the NFF site. We should be ready by the end of the month. I'll be registering this week for the Pendle Hill workshop. Thanks again!
At 6:26pm on 2nd mo. 5, 2010, Martin Kelley said…
Patricia! Wow, you've made my day signing up here. I am so happy to see you. I would so love to see more New Fellowship Foundation energy on the site. QuakerQuaker is a lot messier and crazier and diverse than NFF but I've always considered Lewis Benson one of the grandfathers of the Convergent Friends movement. Yes, he's probably rolling in his grave right now, but I'd like to think he'd appreciate the idea behind a "Quaker Quaker":

Is it any wonder that almost everyone today seems to be a hyphenated Quaker? If we became a religious society of Finders, then we'd need to figure out what it means to be a Quaker-Quaker: someone who's theology and practice is Quaker. (From this essay)

I'd love to hear how QuakerQuaker could help raise wider awareness of NFF's vision for Friends. Should I be adding "The Word Within" to the QQ Quaker Books page? I don't see it on the NFF site yet? If you do come to the Pendle Hill workshop we need to find a time to talk about how QQ could coordinate with NFF. One way is to post any and all events up to the "Gatherings/Events" section--do you want to try posting that Wyoming event up? I'd feature it right away. If it's a bit daunting I can post it, but I like to get people doing it themselves so they get comfortable and so the name on everything isn't just "QuakerQuaker".

Again, yea! And welcome to QuakerQuaker!

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Keith Saylor commented on Mike Shell's blog post 'Sa’ed Atshan: On the Quaker practice of embracing conflict'
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2018 ESR Willson Lectures/Trueblood Symposium: Process Theology at Earlham School of Religion

4th mo. 6, 2018 at 6pm to 4th mo. 7, 2018 at 11:30am
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Mike Shell commented on Mike Shell's blog post 'Sa’ed Atshan: On the Quaker practice of embracing conflict'
"Friend Keith, Thanks very much for your February 17th comment. I agree with what you write…"
Mike Shell commented on Mike Shell's blog post 'Sa’ed Atshan: On the Quaker practice of embracing conflict'
"Friend Keith, Thanks very much for your February 17th comment. I agree with what you write…"
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2018 Friends Association for Higher Education conference at Wilmington College

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