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Is Semite Really a Synonym for Jewish?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kirby Urner 1st month 8. 2 Replies

As I've been discussing with some Jewish friends on Facebook, I find this whole debate about whether "Anti-Semite" also means "Anti-Zionist" or whatever (both directions), too confusing. Because…Continue

Our Promised Land: Planet Zion

Started 1st month 3 0 Replies

Taking mythical stories too literally gets us into a lot of racist notions long debunked by modern science.God almost wiped out the descendents of Noah (but for the promise not to) because of their…Continue

Quakerism and Religious Freedom

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kirby Urner 5th month 8, 2019. 2 Replies

I've only recently learned what a lot of people already know:  the well-advertised Shen Yun dance extravaganza is put on by the Falun Gong, a religious sect many mainstream Chinese tend to demonize…Continue

Of Quakerism & Science Fiction

Started 3rd month 9, 2019 0 Replies

In my Quaker Journal I curate some videos I've published, wherein I talk about…Continue


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Kirby Urner replied to Kirby Urner's discussion 'Is Semite Really a Synonym for Jewish?'
"Thanks for jumping in Mackenzie. I can see where the word "anti-semite" would appeal to Nazis, as they were all about racial theories ("Aryans") and "semite" as a concept seems mixed up with genetics. I prefer to focus…"
1st month 8
Mackenzie replied to Kirby Urner's discussion 'Is Semite Really a Synonym for Jewish?'
"In the context of the word "antisemite," yes, it definitely is a synonym for Jewish. My understanding is that the word "antisemitic" was coined by the Nazis to describe themselves."
1st month 7
Kirby Urner posted a video

Holding It Together: Mnemonics for 2020

More American Transcendentalist mnemonics for the School of Tomorrow (Oregon Curriculum Network)
1st month 6
Kirby Urner posted discussions
1st month 3
Kirby Urner posted a video

Nationalism & Globalism: A Boomer Reminisces

This time of year we tend to imagine world peace. John Denver comes to mind in this context.
12th month 28, 2019
Kirby Urner commented on Kirby Urner's video

Experimental Curriculum Concepts (Oregon)

" ; (my journal)Three videos in this series.  Hundreds in the channel."
11th month 12, 2019
Kirby Urner posted a video

Experimental Curriculum Concepts (Oregon)

Imagine a public boarding school in remote Oregon that used a School of Tomorrow type curriculum.
11th month 11, 2019
Kirby Urner posted a video

Some Quaker Ranting about Taxes

Some guy with a cold complains about taxation without representation.
10th month 24, 2019
Kirby Urner replied to Mike Shell's discussion 'Facing hostile nationalism: Quakers in Nazi Germany and now'
"Yes Keith, that's what we love about you.  Keep up the good work."
9th month 2, 2019
Kirby Urner replied to Mike Shell's discussion 'Facing hostile nationalism: Quakers in Nazi Germany and now'
"G'morning on this First Day Keith. I won't get to all these questions in order and refer readers to my voluminous world-readable corpus for more of my thinking, if curious.  Yes, I refer to Canadians as Americans as I'm simply…"
9th month 1, 2019
Kirby Urner replied to Mike Shell's discussion 'Facing hostile nationalism: Quakers in Nazi Germany and now'
"Hey Keith.  The Americans being rounded up are mostly those not considered citizens of a nation declared to exist circa 1776 and believed in ever since by most landlubbers.  Those doing the rounding up and imprisoning (they're called…"
8th month 31, 2019
Kirby Urner posted a video

Oregon Curriculum Network: Orientation

Welcome if you've not explored here before. Let me set up some of the context for you.
8th month 30, 2019
Kirby Urner replied to Mike Shell's discussion 'Facing hostile nationalism: Quakers in Nazi Germany and now'
"Americans are rounding up and imprisoning other Americans.  That's the geographical truth.  The "undocumented" part is added by a base "civilization" that has thrived on slavery for generations, not to be confused…"
8th month 30, 2019
Kirby Urner posted a video

A Pensive Cowboy

Another American sounding off on various issues. Stetson hat.
8th month 17, 2019
Kirby Urner posted a video

School of Tomorrow: August 6

Portland remembers our history in order to not repeat it. School of Tomorrow celebrates Linus Pauling.
8th month 6, 2019
Kirby Urner posted a video

Food Not Bombs Meets Quakers

A first hand account of Food Not Bombs engaging in constructive community building with religious groups around town.
8th month 2, 2019

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A Patriotic Speech

Posted on 7th mo. 9, 2019 at 12:03pm 0 Comments

I mention my Quaker ethnicity in this one. I'm sharing my sense of history. 

For related videos, see my School of Tomorrow playlist.

A Sermon On Racism

Posted on 7th mo. 7, 2019 at 8:43pm 0 Comments

I find this "sermon" somewhat comical, and coming from the unprogrammed side, that's not an unusual attitude, since we don't do sermons that much (as a genre), nor even recognize "recorded ministers" all that much (some of us do). 

Nevertheless, I dive into the Bible from my own Quaker perspective, discussing the concept of races, which probably has something to do with racism as well.

[ I also sound like I have a cold, which I probably do.  My voice varies over my corpus of…


Random Videos

Posted on 7th mo. 1, 2019 at 2:07am 0 Comments

Sort of science fictiony:

More autobiographical:…


Journaling a Departure

Posted on 6th mo. 16, 2019 at 6:53am 9 Comments

The Religious Society of Friends group on Facebook is very quiet on the subject of impending war with Iran. That's a kind of silence I don't want to be around.  I left the group.  Not enough authentic Quakerism for my taste.

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At 11:59pm on 3rd mo. 2, 2016, Keith Saylor said…

Hello Kirby,

While I agree with your sentiment to it is not about either/or.

For me, it is an issue of just being honest about the reality. There just are many people, by their own admission and not my characterization, whose conscious is anchored in and whose conscience is informed by outward forms generally speaking. These people make up the majority of people on this earth. There is also a smaller number of people on this earth whose conscious, generally speaking, is anchored in and whose conscience, generally speaking,  is informed by direct and unmediated inherent self-existence or Presence itself in itself without regard to outward practices, institutions, teachers, leaders, theologies, religions, etc. 

The very nature of the former is to break up into various outward "brands," as you say, while the later has no real issue with outward branding because they do not participate in that way of existence. They profess no outward marks, forms, or practices by which they themselves or others may know them as under the pale of direct and unmediated Presence itself in itself. It is the establishing of outward forms that nurture the manifestation of various brands. Those early Quakers, who followed Foxonian innovation, and eventually turned back again to established outward ways, practices, and traditions, nurtured the manifestation of the various brands that now make up the Quakerism of today that is anchored in and informed by outward forms. 

There has been those from the beginnings of the Children of Light, as there are today, who are not  stakeholders in the establishment and perpetuation of any outward religion, practice, tradition, politic, economy, institutions, etc. so that there is no occasion for branding or disunity amongst those gathered into and governed by direct and unmediated Spirit itself in itself.

Anarchy is the lack of governance. The Children of Light whose conscious is anchored in and whose conscience is informed by Presence know the direct and unmediated governance of the same Presence itself in itself. 

Thank you, Keith

At 9:22am on 3rd mo. 2, 2016, Keith Saylor said…

Hello Kirby,

Recently you wrote:

I'm a Wittgenstein student and don't buy that names point to things, even in the simple case. Words are tools and their use defines them, not some mysterious "pointing". "Language on the one hand, real object on the other" -- that's a simplification that only gets one entangled in confusions.

Mathematics is not metaphorical if it's not trying to be "about" anything beyond itself. Chess, the game, is not really a "metaphor" for a war either, or if it is, it's not a war like we've ever seen. Games have their own integrity. They don't need to be "metaphoric".

Note: Santa and Satan differ only by letter arrangement, like Dog and God.

Your words are compelling and I've spent much time with them. I appreciate your observation that "Games have their own integrity" and I agree. In the same way that equations, theologies, institutions, languages, etc. have their own integrity. The physical world has its own integrity. Ecosystems have their own integrity. Economies have their own integrity. Church frameworks have their own integrity. Idols or icons and similitudes have their own integrity. An idol certainly does not need to point to anything beyond itself and often does not. It has its own integrity. This is the reality of things for many people on this earth and I affirm the truth of it.

With that said, there are others on this earth who re-create (for example, participate in gaming or worship) in the very activity of living itself so that we do not engage in setting aside outward frameworks within which we go about re-creating or worshipping for that matter. While we acknowledge the existence of outward gaming and worship frameworks or platforms, we may not participate in them because we live in the activity of re-creating or worshipping itself in itself. Living in the activity of re-creating or worshipping in all moments and circumstance in daily life makes entering into an outwardly established gaming, economic, religious, worship, and political, platforms or frameworks unnecessary. As with many of the founding Quakers (not all), we do not participate in the establishment or setting aside of outward religious institutions and instrumentalities and practices because those outward forms are not relevant to our experience which is established Itself in itself. We participate in the activity of worship and re-creating in every moment of our lives. Our conscious is not anchored in and our conscience is not informed by outward gaming or worshipping frameworks. In the same way,  we do not set aside or participate holy-days because a conscious anchored in and a conscious informed in the activity of re-creating or worshipping itself in itself knows a life that is holy in all moments and circumstances. It is just not necessary to set aside outward special days and times of holiness or celebration; even as we acknowledge the "integrity" of those outward holy-days for many people even when those holy-days and the language of those holy-days are not metaphoric in any way.

Thanks you for your words.


At 6:03pm on 12th mo. 10, 2015, Forrest Curo said…

Yeah, it's a little backasswards how this works -- but then we don't end up with all the liter in the same place. I really agree about The Exam; I get Spot Quizzes instead. (I don't always like the way these turn out!)

I did a poem once abt:

'Practice the corpse pose;it will be on The Exam'

but then so are sunsets.

The trouble with "How effective were you as an activist?" is that Jesus would have flunked that one. So maybe it's not such a good question. At best (unless you died of being thumped by a cop) you'd still face a further question: "Yes, but what have you done for Me lately?"

At 5:09pm on 12th mo. 10, 2015, Forrest Curo said…

I'm liking your last rant over on Keith's piece (where it really is slightly off-topic, alas!)

But (begging the question of whether there is such a thing) I really can't see "How effective were you as an activist?" being among the questions on The Exam.


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