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Dana Kester-McCabe: Up Welling

When I go really deep in prayer or meditation the emotional heat of my waking reality is cooled.… See More
13 hours ago

Barbara Smith: The Craving for Simplicity, Meaning and Peace

As I roam around the web I see many people drawn to reading about Plain dress and simple… See More
13 hours ago

Among Friends John: The vocal ministry I’d like to hear at meeting

I couldn’t leave them unless God reassigned me – they’re my tribe. But I’d looked for food,… See More
13 hours ago

Matt Hisrich: Quakerism's inherent subversion of the state

the actions of early Friends in the world very much flowed from their understanding of faith and… See More
15 hours ago
Profile covers war tax resistance, quotes Quakers

Whatever you do, whichever amount of risk you choose to accept, at least consider something that… See More
2nd day (Mon)

Justimore Musombi: Reconciling My Faith With Being Gay

"I now clearly understand that the Bible does not say what I'd been told it says. The Bible is my… See More
4th month 9

Emerging Diane: Do we really want community? A woman's view

We can hardly build a new community without being conscious--acutely so--of what has gone before.… See More
4th month 9

Michael Jay: Simplicity and culture

Christian simplicity is challenging in this culture, not because our culture is complex but because… See More
4th month 9

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