James C Schultz's Groups (9)

  • Friends of Jesus Fellowship

    16 members Latest Activity: 8th month 22

  • Music and the Arts

    36 members Latest Activity: 12th month 10, 2016 Historically Friends worried that music and the arts could serve as spiritual distractions but today many are involved in the arts. Share you work,…

  • Liberal Quakers

    252 members Latest Activity: 6th month 25 Liberal Friends practice waiting worship and emphasize community and the authority of the Inner Light over specific faith statements. Tag: liberal

  • Seekers

    66 members Latest Activity: 2nd month 8 Resources for those new to Friends. Includes accounts of convincement. Tag: seekers

  • Friends and the Bible

    101 members Latest Activity: 2nd month 8 Friends and fellow seekers discuss the Bible and its role in their spiritual life. Tag: bible

  • Sexuality/ LGBT

    96 members Latest Activity: 7th month 22, 2015 Issues of gender and sexuality and the controversies over same sex relationships that divide many Friends. Tag: sexuality

  • Conservative Friends

    179 members Latest Activity: 3rd month 23 Conservative Friends who follow the classic Quaker understandings of faith and practices. Tag: conservative

  • Christianity

    183 members Latest Activity: 2nd month 8 Discussions on the Quaker understanding of Christianity and our relations with the Christian world. Tag: christianity

  • Convergent Friends

    165 members Latest Activity: 1st month 10 A movement seeking a deeper understanding of our Quaker heritage and a more authentic community life. Tag: convergent

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