So, the course on moodle is being fun to put together. I never would have messed with so many features if I was trying to teach anything else. But I'm getting a sense that there is far more that I would like to try, that won't fit into 10 weeks, even if I jack up the pace at the beginning...
It will be offered again starting January 12, in case you're interested.
And I'm leading a 5 session course on approaches to reading the Bible. I set up an actual assignment - with a due date and an opportunity to work in private - and I was gratified to see how students took to it! The subject was "Friendly Bible Study" adapted for online use. Of course the queries the Spears' provide are well seasoned and just work. But I anticipated a bit of push-back on the formality of the structure I set up for responding to them. Not a bit of it!
This week my co-teacher is introducing midrash as an approach to Bible study. I love the week off. And, even more, I love being a student for this section.

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