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Kevin S. Clarke

Boone, NC, United States

Kirby Urner

Portland, OR, United States

Syd Salsman

Davis, CA, United States


Washington, DC, United States

Rosemary Gould

Charlottesville, VA, United States

Tom Smith

Little Canada (St Paul), MN, United…

Barbara Quintiliano

Philadelphia, United States

Roy H Taylor III

Canton, GA, United States

Paula Roberts

Fayetteville, PA, United States

Steve Horvath

Akron, OH, United States

Paula Puddephatt

Basingstoke, Hampshire, United…

Martin Kelley

Hammonton, NJ, United States


Silver Spring, MD, United States

James Riemermann

Minneapolis, MN, United States


Nampa, ID, United States

Aaron J Levitt

Bronx, NY, United States

Ray White

Lake Oswego, OR, United States

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Quakerism as a Charismatic Tradition?

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Spirit, Authority, and Northwest Yearly Meeting

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How do Quakers talk to their children about "God"?

A Reddit parent looks for advice: I have complicated ideas about God. I use the term "God" as an… See More
8th month 18
Keith Saylor commented on Keith Saylor's blog post 'A special gift within each human being.'
"Forrest, I have spent time with your words in Presence itself and find them cordial and have…"
8th month 15
Keith Saylor replied to Tom E's discussion '‘Like a cork on the ocean, wafted hither and thither as the Spirit of God should blow’'
"William, Here is a sample of a founding Quaker stating explicitly no identity with creeds. From…"
8th month 15

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