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I haven't been active on this web site for a few years, as its tagline and identity ("Primitive Christianity Revived, Again") is not a good fit for me. I do want to let Friends know, however, that I haved added a "Forum" capability to, the site I launched last year. Anyone who identifies with or wants to sympathetically discuss that particular thread of contemporary Quakerism is invited to view the forum, and to register and be part of the conversation.

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I should point out as well, while I have been somewhat visible as a nontheist Friend, it is very much my hope that conversations on will be much broader than that. There will be a place for nontheists and other theologically unconventional Quakers, but also a place for Christians and other theists who value a broadly diverse and tolerant Quakerism, theologically and otherwise.

I have viewed your site and think it is well presented. I do encourage you to keep it open to all types of spiritual expression. For instance, my meeting is considering putting a link to it on our website. It would be a turn-off if it was wholly devoted to an anti-Christ, anti-God message. My meeting is a very liberal FGC meeting; "liberal" in the literal sense of the word. We equate being liberal with being inclusive to all: Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists, nontheists, universalists, gays, members of our meeting, non-members, politically liberals, and politically conservatives. Not that we don't have to remind ourselves that we are a spiritual association that has as a foundation the unifying force of love. But our goal is to be gentle with each other and support each other on each person's spiritual and life journey, no matter where that may lead. We have found that labels get in the way of that.

Thank you, Howard. is absolutely not meant to represent an anti-Christ, anti-God message. If I see that emerging I will consider it my job as moderator to turn it around as best I can. As time goes on I would love to have Christians and other theists involved in managing the direction of the site, as long as they are committed to the widely inclusive intent of the site. Friends here are invited to come forward in that regard.

It is my fervent hope that the mix of Friends participating on the site will in time reflect the diversity of liberal Quakerism itself, and in your words, help us "be gentle with each other and support each other on each person's spiritual journey, no matter where that may lead." I hear your concern about labels, but my hope and faith is that we can be completely open about our distinctive selves and identities, and be fully in community with others whose identities are significantly different.

I've been strongly brought to see that "Whom are we willing to include?"-- is an intensely felt question to many, but it isn't the most useful.

A continual personal investigation: "How much of the wild-and-crazy Truth can I let myself consider?"--

in the realization that the real Truth is "wild and crazy", and ultimately loving-- might lead toward the kind of life we need among us. A life which many of us fear: that of being as my wife put it, "a community of people in love with God and each other."


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