Hello, F(f)riends!

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I am humbled by, and grateful for the doors that have recently opened to me in finding a wonderful community of faith here in Portland that I can become a part of.  I've had some beautiful conversations this past week, with compassionate, kind and authentic people that have made me feel welcome and have given me the ability to be open and honest with my questions and queries.  You've made my partner and I feel welcome, and I find your expression of Christ and real spiritual life so very refreshing and encouraging.  I am thankful, eager and excited to join a Meeting in SW Portland (West Hills) this coming Sunday; it will be my very first Quaker experience!  Thanks for the opportunity to grow with, learn from and worship with you.  Warmly ~ and my best to you this week.

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Welcome, F/friend.
Thank you Sel for your heartening message.  Blessings on your way.



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