Maybe this should have gone in the Forum instead, but I am wondering what is in the works as I am trying to plan my 2013 calendar. The Gathering last year was such a blessing to me and I am praying that someone is planning something for this year as well.

Also, does anyone know about Quaker Spring? Is that planned for 2013 as well?

In Christ,


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Hi Barbara,

I believe I met you and your family at the Conservative Friends gathering this summer and again at Ohio Yearly Meeting, if memory serves me.  Hello again...

I believe the wider Conservative Friends gathering typically happens every other year, in even numbered years.  There is a page for the Wider Fellowship of Conservative Friends on the Ohio Yearly Meeting website - which doesn't show anything for a gathering this year.  Perhaps others here on QQ will know if something is being planned for this year - being an "off" year.

As for QuakerSpring, this year it's planned for June 21-26 at Woolman Hill Quaker Retreat Center in Deerfield Massachusetts.  Here is a link for QuakerSpring 2013:

For a gathering with a similar flavor, there is also the fifth annual Northeastern Christ-Centered Friends gathering to be held at Powell House in NY.  This gathering is listed on QuakerQuaker - here is a link:

Since I am the contact person for this gathering, I'd be happy to try to answer any questions you might have about it.  Conservative Friends from Ohio Yearly Meeting have been active in planning and attending these gatherings.

I hope this is helpful...  It would be wonderful to see you and your family again at one of these gatherings... or perhaps again at Ohio Yearly Meeting in August?

Quaker Spring will be happening June 21-26 in New England. I hope you can make it!

Thanks friends - Both sound interesting and I'm actually glad of the scheduling as they are spaced out better than last year! Do you know the dates of Yearly Meeting Micah?

Hope to see you both this summer!

PS Micah - Give my condolences to Faith on her recent loss.


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