Short pieces of writing and poems that express your Christian faith and experience

Hello there, 

I would love to read any short pieces of writing or poems from any author that express your Christian faith and experience.  

Looking forward to reading your responses. 

With gratitude, 


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Renee: Your simple request is already a good witness for Christ!  Some of my ancestors began in Northern Ireland but moved to Australia, ending up in Canada.  My maternal grandfather, Jack Balmer, born in New Brunswick, was a boat captain, and ended up in New York State, USA!

The Butterfly


Did you see

   That butterfly?

It landed right

   Before my eye

And sat there on

   A flower shy,

Spreading silken

   Wings to dry.


Not long ago

   ‛Twas a cocoon—

Now one of God’s

    Great wonders soon

To visit vast

   Arrays of flowers

And flutter through

   The sunny hours.


Twinkling colors

   In the breeze,

Flitting here and

   There to tease,

Adding sparkle,

   If you please,

To pleasant summer

   Days like these.


            Darlene O. Rushby

            April, 2003

Upon awakening on March 28, 1995, I was aware of not having slept restfully due to concerns and worries.  Then the words of the first stanza were presented verbatim along with some thoughts for the following lines.  Immediately, I jotted them down, and such peace filled my soul.  To our Lord be the thanks for His ever present watchfulness and care!


In Him Abide

Rest firmly in the Lord, my soul,

And quietly there abide,

Anchored in His presence

From morn till eventide.


May He share our daily burdens

And impart His tender care,

Step by step as we walk with Him­—

'Tis our souls' petitioned prayer.


May He instruct us in His wisdom,

Instill a patient heart,

Give us love that's overflowing

And faith to do our part.


May this day be lived  for Him,

And in doing so we'll find

That as we serve the Master

Then serve we, best, mankind.


                       Darlene O. Rushby

                   March 28, 1995


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