(I am going to post this is several places if that is okay.)

We are starting a new Christian Friends worship group in the Ithaca, NY area. We will be worshiping after the manner of Conservative Friends. Our first meeting will  be on Feb 3 and we plan at this point to meet monthly, though that may change. All are very welcome! We plan silent worship at 11 a.m. followed by a simple potluck at noon.

Please contact me for more information.

For more information about Conservative Friends see their website at http://www.conservativefriend.org/faithandpractice.htm.

In Christ,


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Barbara... Blessings and prayers to you and your family on the new worship group and for your continued faithfulness...  I'm so pleased that you've already connected here with my Friend Lee.  Even though I grew up in upstate New York, I obviously don't know my NY geography well... or I might have thought to facilitate an introduction earlier.  Isn't it wonderful that God accomplishes what we fail to do?  :-)

I know we've already talked and communicated some about starting worship groups and about our small, but ongoing worship group here in Uxbridge, MA.  We will hold you all in prayer, but if we can help in more material ways, I trust that you'll ask.  Let's stay in touch...

As I've told you, our group in Uxbridge has been worshiping together for over three years.  Unfortunately, the dear F/friend I started the group with passed away just after Christmas.  It will be some time, if ever, before I fully process this loss.  However - perhaps in preparation for her departure from this world, God has blessed us with two wonderful Friends who began attending a few months ago.  I am so grateful we were able to be there for her -- when she had been searching among Friends for something like what we're becoming for such a long time.  

With Jeanne's death, other than myself, I realized that everyone who is part of our group now was not with us for our first year.  People have come and gone, others find us... and the Spirit continues to move among us.  One of the things our F/friend who passed away was very good at was praying out loud in worship for God to lead people to our group - I remember our first meetings together had a larger proportion of prayer versus vocal ministry than has been my typical experience among Friends - even Conservative Friends.  

In the 3+ years, there have been a few times when I thought I might be worshiping alone - but other than that first winter when Jeanne left for a few months to warmer weather - it's never happened.  Inquiry calls or e-mails have come unexpectedly, or Friends hear about our group in unusual ways.  We have found our worship to be very rich despite our small numbers.

You and your group will "write" your own story, God willing.  I just share a bit more of our story so you can see how things can take unexpected twists and turns.  Trust the Lord and stay close to Jesus... and what is meant to happen will happen...  in His time...  May you and everyone who finds their way to your group feel His Presence.

Connie - I am so sorry for your loss! I'm sure she will leave a big hole in your group and in your life. Thank you very much for your details. I find myself going through possible issues in my mind (driving Steve crazy) but I can't help it. I think I am mentally preparing myself to get this going. So hearing of the experiences of others is very much what i need right now. I am also very excited!
It has been a long time coming.



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