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Frederic Sebastian Bayer

Bexhill, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Jay Hartwell

Nottingham, United Kingdom, United…

Matt Rhone

Lake Charles, LA, United States

Raymond Pineau, Jr.

Springtown, TX, United States

Prodigal Ger

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Sandi Was Here

Richmond, VA, United States

Lanie Fox

Stryker, OH, United States

Alexis Hale

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Paul Box

Asuncion, Central, Paraguay

Teddy Marcum

Hickory, NC, United States

Syd Salsman

Davis, CA, United States

Bill Smith

Lumberton, NJ, United States

Becki Walker

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Kate St. Clair

Victoria, Australia

Nancy Whitt

Birmingham, AL, United States


Orovada, NV, United States

Marian Bruffy

Gladys, VA, United States


Gladys, VA, United States

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