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I have been pondering something and wondered what your take on this was. A couple of weeks ago I got an email about the sustained level of violence toward women in Afghanistan, and since the troop pull out the fear of escalation. Now I am not supporting war, or troops in Afghanistan. I did however write some letters asking Ga. congressman to support humanitarian efforts  for Afghanistan women and children. Recently I received an email on local meeting site, it was a video of a young afghan. women being stoned to death. I did not watch it, but the reality of it is just as poignant to me. Some on the local meeting site, think the video is just to incite "Islamaphobia" (may not be spelled right) and should not be considered by Quakers. The fact is this, this violent act toward women, is justified and legal by Sharia Law ( also prob.not spelled right)  I think violence toward any group of people, unfair laws to keep them enslaved, should be talked about, and brought to the light so to speak. I don't think it is anti-Muslim to say "Violence against women is wrong and should not be justified, legalized, or covered up." What can Quakers do? I may be woefully uninformed, but I have not heard of any Muslim group  in America decrying Sharia Law (which they certainly could not fully practice in America?  I am not claiming that we are guilty of no wrong doing in America. We do not however have blatant laws that target women for violence either. "The blood of my sister, cries out to me and it asks" When will it end?" A.Stansell

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