My Quaker Friends (17)


Managua, Nicaragua

Pastor Samuel Muderhwa

Bukavu South Kivu, Congo, The…

Rachel Stacy

Baltimore, MD, United States

Mike Morrell

Raleigh, NC, United States

Doris Ludicke

Berlin, MD, United States

Hillary Brooks

Winchester, VA, United States

Jim Rose

Columbia, MD, United States

Peterson Toscano

Sunbury, PA, United States

Alice Yaxley

Warwickshire, England, United…

Eileen Flanagan

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Ken Stockbridge

Columbia, United States

Rich Accetta-Evans

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Liz Opp

Minneapolis, MN, United States

Micah Bales

Washington, DC, United States

Robin Mohr

San Francisco, CA, United States

C. Wess Daniels

Greensboro, NC, United States

Martin Kelley

Hammonton, NJ, United States

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