This is as cogent a description of what I see going on in the political/economic world as I've found anywhere, aside from their proposed remedy.

How are Friends contributingto the quandary described -- and how can we best be led to a human, humane response?

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If there's a treaty of mice and squirrels, outlawing the use of claws and fangs -- Then the predators of the world, the US chief among them, must surely be wondering where their next meal will come from. I'll hold my jubilation in reserve for now, however.

You may despair if and when you choose, or not, whenever.

I gather you think I'd want you to.

I don't know why you think this; I'd far rather make you think about what I'm talking about. Has trying to guess what I want been a barrier to that?

I often seem off topic or dabbling in irrelevancies to your thread, it seems to you, is what I think.

To review: an article you linked to expressed some despondency over the decline of so-called Western Civilization, asking how Quakers might be contributing to the quandary.  A quandary is "a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation" and I wonder if Quakers should be contributing to that. Maybe so. In any case, my first response is anything so parochial as "Western" needs to make room for something less biased (less English?). I'll help Quakers make that happen, as best I'm able. Helping Iran gain from its signing the Ban Treaty (short name) is another way to reach out to the Muslim world.  I'm eager to work with Sufis too. Heard of the Gulen schools?  I'm mostly on a list called math-teach these days, as I think accelerating into a more positive future requires more kids learning to code.  I'm helping them do that these days:  I'm eager that Quaker schools play in this sandbox.  All more irrelevancies no doubt.  I should start my own discussion, right?

Where you read something about despondency I read something about a couple of dangerous situations that are not being adequately addressed nor being taken seriously enough.

I don't know whether thinking about them as realities that exist independently of your Good Works would make you despondent; but worse things than that could happen.

You wanna know how Quakers respond so I speak for myself and cite my Good Works; I'm helping bring an end to Western Civilization, and feeling upbeat about it.

I'd think we'd agree with Gandhi that Western Civilization would be a good idea: something that ought to be tried sometime.

Meanwhile the somewhat fragmented complex of social machinery we do employ for feeding ourselves and others -- whatever you'd like to call it -- is becoming unstable (difficulty one). I don't consider denying this to be a contribution towards dealing with it.

What that social machinery is currently doing to the climate dynamics of the one physical environment available for human beings to live in -- is akin to pushing an already-teetering boulder further off-balance. Again, I don't value denials of the seriousness of the situation as a contribution towards dealing with it. If that were the sum of the Quaker response, despair would be quite in order.

Under the circumstances -- admitting that you have succeeded in cutting off the discussion -- I'm now making that official.


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