We are the ones who...

1) see how things really are.

2) are reasonable

3) love God

4) are traditional Quakers

5) are real Quakers

6) are pretty reasonable for Quakers

7) are traditional Christians

8) are real Christians

9) really know what it was George Fox experienced.

10) are above politics

11) know you mustn't be indifferent to politics

12) don't get rude or angry even about politics

13) know why if you aren't enraged about politics you just don't have a clue.

14) can tolerate all sorts of really awful people

15) really listen to those silly people who don't really listen

16) are reasonably passionate

17) are passionately reasonable

18) see some truth in all religions except Christianity

19) even see some truth in Christianity

20) understand that Jesus was pretty okay, although Christianity is crap

21) don't see any truth in any religions

22) know we don't know nuthin, except that no one else knows nuthin neither

23) other.

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Pretty much sums it up. 

I _did_ leave one out!!!

23.5 have no notions

Anne just forwarded the orginal list to the rector of her Episcopal church; he says that [aside from the George Fox reference] the list would be the same for his congregation.

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