I recently left facebook again for the millionth time.

I think its good to limit my internet presence as a way to scale down and simplify my life.

I was so annoyed by the horrible people online especially on facebook. I joined some of the Quaker groups on there and sad to say I found the most judgmental people on there. I quickly left. I didn't want facebook to cloud my image of all Quakers based on the thoughts of a few people. Social media is so full of horrible images, sexual innuendo, and never ending selfies, and narcissism.

I don't understand how people have no self respect for themselves online, especially women. Am I just rediculously old fashioned? Or are there other people that have the same view of social media. I feel better when I'm off it. (facebook). 

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I still use Facebook to keep up with far-flung friends and family, and I find it a good source for alternative media (that is, weeding out the mainstream news and the fringe conspiracy sites). But I recently made the decision to back off from using FB for any type of discussion. It doesn't matter how kind you try to be; there's always someone ready to pick a fight. It's amazing how quickly people lose their civility from behind their computers, when they don't have to stand in the same room with you and look you in the eye. I'm tired of it.

I had the same experience with the FB Quaker groups. I couldn't believe how nasty so many of the people were. I made the mistake of joining several of them shortly after I discovered Quakerism, and they almost ruined my perception of Quakers.

Yeah, I understand your experience then. Same as mine. I'm glad it wasn't just me! 

A member of my meeting has reported the same experience on Facebook. Myself, I've never been tempted to join.

Yes! Exactly the same here. I've been able to read books, go for walks, spend time with my dogs, I cannot believe how society has been overtaken by something that is not productive at all. And you got it right when you said all the voices vying for attention... to me it says a lot about our society now. Social media is supposed to bring us all together, its pulling us apart. We don't even talk face to face anymore

Fleur Parker said:

I've been flabbergasted by some if the Quaker groups I've come across on Facebook.

Four days ago I deactivated my Facebook account. It's been five years and the clamour of voices vying for attention had become overwhelming. I was wasting time doing nothing. In four days I've finished two books that I've been reading for six months. Cleaned my house, worked, been for a four hour walk with Friends and swimming each day. The days feel longer and more productive. It's early days and I hope the lure and addiction of social media doesn't draw me back in.

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