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Given the Quaker-Sufi bridge I consider it less than surprising that Quaker banks might practice Sharia in free countries where freedom of religion is protected.  That doesn't bar them from practicing not-Sharia for those not into it, i.e. it's not either/or, offer the customer more choices, isn't that what capitalism is all about?  The Muslim faith formed strong bonds in the civil rights era (MLK, Malcolm X etc.) and promises to be a strongly feminist religion going forward in North America, if Portland (aka "little Beirut") is any kind of sign.  Whittier (within Greater LA) ain't the only town with Quakers.

Re: Quaker Meeting in new television crime thriller -- (recent on QQ news...)
Quaker Meeting also appears in Six Feet Under, final season I think it is (?). Also remember Seven Psychopaths, the movie (a Quaker is one of the seven).

The good folks on QuakerQuaker (Q2) are maybe wondering if I imagine funding my partners' truck fleets from that Quaker Sharia bank headquartered in Istanbul. My answer: why not? We have Halal-compliant banking in Whittier, a Quaker town (historically: the poet John Greenleaf Whittier was a Quaker). This idea that a car might be financed in only one way is gringo-jingoistic. You might get a steep discount for buying it in bitcoin, in some schemes.

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