I did not grow up in the RSoF, but since I was a boy I had a dread of being asked  to take an oath, salute the flag or recite the Pledge. I was asked to leave an Aikido class in college because I could not bow before a picture of the founder of the art. I had only a tangential relationship to organized religion and no connection to those denominations which traditionally rejected these observances, but I read the Bible and it struck home on these matters. In time I came to be unable to sing the National Anthem due to (what I see as) it's glorification of war. How have Friends addressed these issues in the past? How does the Light speak to Friends today on these things? Apologies to Betsy Ross...

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When you've given God what belongs to God, there shouldn't be much left over...

I spieled about this topic recently in my on-line Quaker journal:



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