I have decided to refrain from buying any clothes for myself for one year.  I shared this thought with a coworker and she is intrigued and inspired. Another small step for me.  I wonder how much money  I will save?  I love simplifying.

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Hello Madeline,

Your goal seems very good-hearted. However, why not meditate a bit and pray and let this goal become a leading? What spirit could come forth with this good-hearted energy if it focused less on saving money for yourself or simplifying your personal life?

One nice thing about following a leading is that one never fails. If you have set a goal for yourself, you can fail (and feel bad because you didn't make it through a year of not buying clothes). As one follows a leading one is admitting that they don’t know the next step but they are committed to following it. (The next step could be anything including setting aside your abstention and moving on in other ways while following the Spirit.)

You might consider the Right Sharing of World Resources (www.rswr.org) as a model for finding simplicity and spending less while seeking the Spirit.

Thanks Colin

Good idea. I am well acquainted with RSWR and hadn't considered it as inspiration for more than donating $$$. I have another idea I do consider a leading and what it has led to so far is a sprained ankle. Another effort I'm working on I'll take your tip, make it a leading.
Wonderful idea. My 7th grader, who needed a new backpack for junior high, settled on a used one from an army surplus that had belonged to 2 previous UK soldiers. We thought toting books in it was an appropriate re-use of something military. Maybe not exactly the same as refraining from buying, but along those lines.

I also LOVE Collin's reply. I can always use the reminder to discern.

Thank you!
Here is an update.  This is easy!  It helps me see how impulsive a lot of shopping is (of course I know it but the illustration of the point illuminates).  The retail opportunities and pressures ate stronger in the next two months to be sure,  I'm not worried.  What should I abstain from next?

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