I am wondering how to find God's will during quiet time. There are prayers and questions I ask Him, but never get an answer. I'd be happy for any suggestions.


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And thank thee Nicholas Gregory.  I so agree with your acknowledgement that laying something before God  prior to settling down for the night results in new understandings and awarenesses.

When we are in the state of sacred silence during prayer, meditation or sleep it is easier to get thru to us.  That is what I love so much about the Quaker faith - - the recognition of the importance of silence and quietude.   In such a busy world preoccupied as it is with its day to day goings on,  quietude has become all the more important.


The freshness you mention of new insight - - when it is the right time.  Well said.  Much appreciated

Nicholas Gregory said:

Thank thee Chris for this helpful posting. I love that old Quaker line about the silence sifts us and that's been my experience. I also find that if I lay something before God in prayer before I sleep then when I awake there will be some new insight and understanding. The psalmist speaks of the presence and guiding of the Light while we rest and as someone trained in hypnotherapy which I practice as part of spiritual care giving often insight is hidden beyond the conscious thinking mind as we all journey within the heart and love of God there is a deep down freshness to come to us when it's the right time.

All of these replies are very helpful. They give a lot of insight. A lot of advice. "In the multitude of counsels there is success." (From Proverbs) In this noisy, busy, fast paced world we live in, much comings and goings, many things to get done and to do; it is refreshing to step aside, even if for a few moments or so, and enjoy the solace of silence.

Nature and all of God's creation is as a symphony, a classical orchestra in a small degree, and everything is praising God. The leaves of the trees clap their hands. All the birds sing, each one their own song to God. The cricket never tires of his song. Then there are the nocturnes of Night. . . Owls, Whip-Poor-Will's, Chuck-Will's-Widow's, Eastern Nighthawks, Katydids, and all of the rest. In silence, there is still praise to God, constantly ascending from all of creation.

This has drawn us to the Friends or Quakers. The Active Silence, Meditation, and Quietude in Waiting on God's Guidance and Light in that Silence. People have turned away from this healing element of Worship and Practice, if you call it that. Something is constantly making a noise, when sometimes what we simply need is to listen. . . Listen to God through our heart, mind, intuition, and conscience.

We are still learning. We are still under construction of God and His Christ. We are have learned a lot through mistakes, but hope not to repeat them again. All of ye worded this so lovely and beautifully. . . 

Thank thee all so kindly. 


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