The folks at the Port Royal Methodist Church (Port Royal Road, which is Hwy 193, Port Royal, in Henry County, KY) have volunteered their facility for Quakers to meet at 4 p.m. every Saturday afternoon for unprogrammed worship.  I am hoping we will draw from Owen, Trimble and Carroll Counties, as there are no Meetings in this region.  The closest Meetings are in Louisville or Lexington, KY and are about an hour and a half away. 


We will begin meeting this coming Saturday, May 7, 2011. 


peace & blessings




Betsy Packard

Turners Station, KY


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How did you get a group together?  Did you know other Quakers in the area?

Due to my medical problems, I had to leave  northern Henry County and my wonderful neighbors.  I am now living in Lexington, KY and am very active with the Lexington Friends Meeting.  My efforts to start a Meeting where I had been living were not successful.  Week after week, I'd be there for the scheduled Meeting, and week after week, I was the only one there.      8-(      But at least I am now in Lexington where I can be quite active with the Meeting and both of my adult children live here as well. 

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