Just a quick update, for Friends around the world.

Meeting for worship was held in several houses around the city this Sunday, as the Meeting House is in one of the suburbs with very severe liquefaction damage, making the roads difficult to navigate.

I've not seen pictures yet, but apparently there is a substantial amount of liquefaction in the Meeting House, so work will be needed to clear the sand and silt.  Also, a structural assessment will be needed to make sure it is safe, but non-residential properties have a low priority.

I have not heard if there are any injuries or loss of life amongst members or attenders, but in some ways no news is good news. Quakers in other parts of the country have opened up houses for people to come and stay for respite.

It will be considerable time till things get back to "normal", so prayers are appreciated for this community.


In peace



(grew up in ChCh, still with many fFriend and family there)


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Thank you. I've been wondering about this since your first post. And yes, send me the link.

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