I am not sure where to put this announcement, some of these projects get me in a tangle of unsurety so if I post this in places it might not belong, please pass it on to where it does!


We have launched another resource  and web site for information about sustainable living and climate change and more.  It seems fitting for Earth Day just around the corner.  Though there are many, many excellent  and extensive resources out there already, we include ours as led by the Lord.  The global impact of the effects of climate change can not be over stated, we feel an urgency to speak up in the way of a web-presence in this matter even if only in a small way.  This has been a project in the works for us for a while, but all things in their due time.


If anyone has anything to share please do.  We embark with trepidation for the complexity of it all but here it is non-the-less.



There is a Facebook page for QuakerGreen as well and QuakerEarth too.  They seem easier places to quick post information and comments...I just wish the ads could be removed. 


Please pray for our efforts, that the Lord may be glorified in all things.


In Peace;

Kimberly Anne

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Thank thee for sharing this information!

I shall pray for you and the endeavors of all who are a part of this project.


Peace and blessings to thee,

Thy Friend in Christ,



Website is unavailable. And nothing happening on FB either under either name. Could you post the active links if possible please in case I'm just missing them. It sounds interesting. Thanking thee. :) 

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