I spend the tedious times at work putting pinpoints on a google map of all the Quaker meetings in the US. Google already does this for maps if you put in Quaker but they are not color coded and include Pepsi bottling plants and what not. Does anyone want to help me or has already done this? It would make things much easier.

View Larger Map Right now I'm going off of FWCC's listings state by state. Blue for EFCI
Red for FGC
Purple for FUM
Yellow for Independent
Teal for Central YM
pushpins for worship groups and churches without an address
flags without dots for monthly meetings and regular churches
flags with dots for meetings and churches attached to a bigger institution (e.g. Sierra Friends Center or Earlham College)
pin locations based on actual location, not mailing address

Cool beans?

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Hi Dan, we have done something like this in the past with frappr, but that never turned out all that great. We also have a color for "convergent" that you may (or may not) want to do that this time around. Martin will know more about whats already been done. In terms of helping I don't have much time too but it's nice to know it's there and I'll add to it if I see something I know about that's missing.
Don't forget the conservative Yearly Meetings: Iowa, Ohio and North Carolina.
yea that'd be great. I think the problem with the isolated Friends is that privacy would be a concern. However if you still had access to the data I could map it by 5 or 3 digit zip code which would highlight hotspots pretty much instantly. Also I thought I had read at one point that you had mapped all the meetings in the Philadelphia area on google maps. I'm really really not looking forward to doing that. Am I making that up?

Also I had planned to use green for the conservative meetings (I hadn't forgotten I promise) but was reviewing what I had done so far and none had popped up in Alaska, Alabama, California or Colorado. Google maps has a couple colors left for convergent meetings but I'm not sure how I would find a list of them.
Wow, Dan, I want a tedious job like yours where I had time to work on Google Quaker maps :)

I've kind of thought it'd be great to start a project like this. If you're open to the idea I'd love to embed your map on a QuakerQuaker resource page, with a disclaimer that it's incomplete, along with instructions on how to get in touch with you to share the work. FWCC and the Quaker Information Center both might have an interest in this too I'd imagine.
Hi, I'd like to help out with this but don't want to duplicate work others are doing. Being from NC, I'd like to start with that state... anyone already working on it? Thanks... Great project, btw!
I think that few enough people are working on this to make threat of duplication pretty rare. Gmaps lists the pins in the order they were added so with the exception of PYM so far that's been in order from the FWCC list, so it makes it pretty easy to find out what's been done in a particular state assuming that folks haven't done something like add all the meetings attached to one branch at a time.

Also general addition to the key: pink is jointly affiliated. It was super convenient that it's the interim color between red FGC and purple FUM.
Don't forget South Bend (IN) Friends Meeting, Illinois Yearly Meeting, FUM

Unbeknownst to me that you had posted this, I started a similar project, mapping those meetings where I have worshipped. I blogged it here:

and the map is here:
There must be a better way than manually friends. Suggest you contact quakerfinder.org at FGC and see if there's someone there who would be willing to work on a mashup, so the data stays fresh.

I don't know how to do this but I do know it can be done!

Lu Harper
Rochester Friends Meeting
I got a lot from an ex-PYM project. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of extra people power around Quaker organizations these days. Also unfortunately I have a different job now that has made me all but drop this project (but I am getting paid better).
In any event, I'm looking to do it under a different program where all the points show up instead of 50 at a time like in Googlemaps.
Hey Dan: better pay is good. And in the meantime, FWCC decided this was something worth doing, sent me their database and:
The opening map is just a way to get into the regional maps, which are true Google map mashups. As you can probably guess this is a way around the 50 datapoint/map limit. The whole thing is run off of one KML file so updating it is relatively easy. I though "ooh, I should email Dan" when FWCC first contacted me but I got busy with work and it slipped my mind: sorry about that and glad that it sounds like you've mostly dropped it.

Lu: I was FGC's webmaster and outreach coordinator until 2006. If I were still there we would have done this years ago. It's pretty easy once you have the data. I'm in the unique position of having both organization's data sitting on my hard drive. When I'm bored I can boot up Google Earth and "fly" around the country to see who's map gets closest to the meetinghouses!

If anyone has ideas for projects like this, FWCC seems pretty keen to try new things. And we can always try coordinating volunteer efforts here on QuakerQuaker. I suspect that shrinking Quaker organizations are going to become the norm and that the RSOF will have to develop and/or rediscover ways of organizing that are less staff-based.

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