Wearing my anthropology hat, I'm tuning in recent haps in Christendom, chief among them, apparently, being the Bible Answer Man, a radio personality, affiliated with Christian Research Institute, switching from Protestant to Orthodox.  That made lots of waves.  Search on Hank Hanegraaff.

There's a whole genre of Youtube featuring personal testimony of newly Orthodox explaining why they've left their (usually Evangelical) churches.

For those just tuning in, I'm from the Liberal branch, but I have an abiding interest in church history.  I'm wondering if any Quakers out there sense any repercussions of what seems to me to be a growing Orthodox movement.

The fact that the communist USSR is gone and a Russian Orthodox church seems stronger than ever, has changed the dynamics too, right?  We can't use anti "godless atheist" rhetoric to fuel a Cold War anymore. Yet we still need to keep wars as cold as we can (psychological, not bloody).  As I see it, that's our Quaker calling.

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Here's a newspaper article about the controversy around Hank:

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