I am interested in hearing your experience of mysticism.

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would you like to share here? or privately?
So are these poems spontaneous as a way to describe your experience in the context of this message topic OR were they written previously as your own mystical experience in the moment?
Wow. As one who loves colour I would love to experience such an event. I saw recently in a National Geographic magazine a picture of what looks like a lifeless arid desert and next to that picture an amazing green, lush vibrant landscape. It seems impossible.

Thank you for sharing.
"and I walked over and they didn't fly away - so I took my shoes and socks off and stood in the water with them"
I love that. You and those birds in a Meeting for Worship...
Hi Larry,

Both of the poems were written previously at a point when I reflected deeply on these transforming experiences of God--experiences that were beyond prose words, that still guide me.

If you prefer, I can give you some of the narrative background.

God has blessed me with a few other times of deep worship, some in unprogrammed worship, but these were the most life-changing and most dramatic. I suppose nontheists would claim I was deluded, and I have enough intellectual doubt that I can stand back and wonder if I could have been deluded, but inwardly,
I "knew" God intimately and was transformed and still feel deep, deep within the wonder of God:-)

Were you going to share yet of your post that got lost?
In the Light,
Hi again Larry,

Very intriguing spiritual journey.
Please give us some more details, especially to being "centered" in worship and of your vocal ministry.

In the Light,

I had a dream last week which calmed an apprehension I've been having as to the increasingly militant and nationalistic tone certain American denominations have been leaning towards in the last decade. I've been burdened as to how they could live comfortably with such a legalistic and negative Creator and Sustainer, when Jesus totally upset the status quo with a radical message of forgiveness and unconditional love.
In my dream I was a house that had lots of windows. On these windows were written the words of the Bible and other sacred and inspirational words I've recalled in my life. God's light and warmth shone through the windows, enabling me to read the words. I recalled that we see as in a mirror dimly, but then we shall see face to face. I realized that if I imposed myself between the words and the Light, believing the Light had nothing to do with the words, or darkness covered the words, they couldn't be read. In my understanding these frightened people mistake the words for the Light itself and concentrate on the message rather than seeing the Light that gives meaning to the message.
I more fully understood that although the Light isn't words and can't be conveyed as such, It is what gives love and meaning to everything.

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