I'm seeking the advice and experiences of other Friends. 

My meeting is developing a new website. A decision has already been made to have one area open to anyone and a second that will be password protected. The protected area would include our meeting directory. 

I'm on Ministry and Oversight. We've been assigned the task of determining criteria for who gets the password. The more I look at the issue, the more uneasy I become. 

Obviously, there are the overarching issues of inclusivity and "in group/out group". Logistically, how does one determine when attendance is regular enough to receive the password? How do you tell a person that they don't qualify for the password? What do you do with lapsed members? What triggers changing the password? 

Pointing out that most of this information can be found by other means has not been helpful.

Do any of you have experience with password protected meeting websites?

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Hello Stephanie,

our Meeting is not technologically savvy enough to put up a website but I'm in a percussion group that uses the principle you've described.

Addresses, phone numbers, information about performance dates, pictures  etc. are in a password protected space.

At some point - usually after about six months - the conductor decides to allow somebody access to the site. Everybody has his or her own password, though, there's not one password for all of them.

This has worked well enough for us, we've had the system for years and I'm not aware of any problem at all.



I have participated in an urban meeting that communicates this information without much concern via an email listserv, probably in the announcement about the monthly newsletter.   I have participated in an unrelated church group that communicated that information as a document shared only with members, and the document said on it whatever language about this material being intended for the church community's use and not for any solicitation purposes.  I believe in both cases, there are strong non-solicitation policies.   People are also asked what information they want listed about themselves and only that is listed.   Some people prefer that phone numbers are not listed and only email is used, some will list all the ways to reach them without concern.

What software are you going to use for the site?

My Meeting gives you the password for the directory when they add you to the directory.

(It is weird to think that my Meeting and Olivia's Meeting no longer refer to the same Meeting. I'm probably still in their directory, though, seeing as I'm still on a committee there and participate in committee business by email. Sounds funny, but it's the IT committee.)

The person who designed the site used Weebly.

Isaac Smith said:

What software are you going to use for the site?

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