Iran is officially anti-nuke weapon, a position not oft reported in US Jingo-Gringo media. Even many Quakers have never heard of the Ban Treaty (different from the Nonproliferation Treaty) aimed at criminalizing nuke WMDs. Is Iran on the right side of history then? More obedient to the Will of God?  I'd say so, yes, compared to the US, most certainly.

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Islamic states move to consolidate their anti-nuke WMD position:

Most USers remain clueless about all this geopolitical positioning, preferring out of habit to think more in this mold, in support of terrorism:

In Cascadia, we're fighting back. Washington DC is was too arrogant for too long. Respect is earned, not commanded.

Me on Facebook, Feb 4 2017:

Except for Pakistan, no officially Muslim state has nukes. We're born and raised in the US to think Iran wants nothing more than to "go for the gun" and suddenly have nukes, like in some cowboy Wild West movie. However those still in touch with reality see Iran has far more to gain by spearheading a global anti-nuke movement that sees non-proliferation as "not enough". Those doing any homework on this issue already know about (a) the lawsuit filed with the World Court by the Marshall Islands, denied a hearing and (b) the Ban Treaty, wending its way through the UN. If you've heard of neither of these actions, and think Iran is eager to have nuke weapons, welcome to the world of USA TV, a brainwashing machine of diminishing effectiveness but still pretty good at mind-control.

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