Who else is interested in a Christ-centred worship event around here? I'm a key holder at Coventry Quakers so can get a room there some convenient time.

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Lets give it another try.

Great! When suits? Weekend afternoons might be easier for the childcare aspect?
Hi Alice,

I would be interested in principle, if I am free to come over to Coventry.


Good. I will look at a booking for a worship gathering on an afternoon at the weekend. We could book two rooms, one for childcare - there could be ?3 under-5s.

Bookings at Coventry work in three-hour blocks so maybe we could get an afternoon block including use of the kitchen to have a bring&share afternoon tea after our worship?

Would you like to try the Freedom Friends style of meeting for worship? Or unprogrammed? Is there a minister we know who we would like to invite to worship with us?

Are we going to advertize the Meeting? How, where?

At the risk of sounding like one of those people who turned down the invitation to the wedding feast because of various other commitments I have to say I'd be happier getting involved in this after my Open University exam on the 16th October.

It would be good to get something going in the run up to "the time called Christmas" which can be pretty grim and depressing.

I would like to experiment with programmed worship again.

Grace & Peace

That's fine because I am committed all weekends until after that date you mention as well!
This sounds good to me.

I am interested in the Freedom Friends approach but I could try and find out a bit more.



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