How many celebrate Easter?

Or do you forgo the traditional Christian celebration of Easter? and go with the “traditionally Quakers don't not celebrate any religious holidays because all days are ‘holy days’ ..

I know I believe that there is not a 
biblical basis for Easter and it stemmed from paganism.. No peeps and colored eggs for me.

( I should clarify indeed there was a resurrection, I just mean the traditional Easter eggs and rabbits thing) :)

How do you see Easter?

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Thanks to everyone that answered this question, great hearing others thoughts and how they celebrate.

Belonging that that flavour of "self-labelled convergent" Friends that believes every day is a holy day / sacred, I did not "celebrate" Easter. I, along with 3 other Quaker Friends joined a 2 1/2 hour way of the cross through the city of Hamburg (the original) with 200+ other ecumenical Hamburgers. This being "Karfreitag / black Friday" We visited the modern ways of the cross (arms shipments in the harbour), land grabbing / food poverty (Unilever), the rights and deaths of refugees etc (city parliament). We sang / lamented / prayed / slowed the tourists down (but a couple joined us), the closing service shortly before 3,p.m. was led by a Mennonite Pastor. As she led us in prayer, I must confess I had tears in my eyes.

The ecumenical forum / chapel in Hamburg financial district / on the edge of the Harbour, was built and paid for by 19 churches AND supported by another 6 (including us Friends). It is the first of its kind in this earthly land known as "Germany".

We were squeezed into the chapel like proverbial sardines in a tin, but thanks to the Catholic Workers, Mennonites, Church and Peace and the Lutheran church / Church Asylum groups we experienced the death of Christ / the stranger / our neighbours in a modern form.
As I left the purposely built chapel in the middle of the "temple to mammon", it reminded me of my need to mix with my brothers and sisters in Christ. However, as a member of the second coming church and not a first coming church stuck in the past of the first coming and still waiting / hoping / praying for the second coming.
This last first day, I joined my Mennonite Friends for worship, as there was not a Worship in the manner of Friends.

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