I've come to see Quakerism as a role playing opportunity, where you get to work with other adults on a live business with a social conscience.

Mostly we don't get those opportunities in our daily lives, to put faith into practice, or so it seems. Nor do we have an egalitarian committee structure to serve on.

So Quakers provide a public service: a place to practice and refine skills, engage in process, workflows. All the more interesting is our not using Robert's Rules of Order or even voting.

I'd like to see the institution copied, no reason it couldn't have a Buddhist spin in some subcultures (some claim Buddhism is a form of atheism, which I'm OK with).

I'd like to see some of these meetings plant themselves in remote circumstances as experiments in village sized self government, though with more enterprises than just the meeting itself to co-manage. More like a college.

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Regarding these remote campus villages, Quaker or not, I've written a lot of science fiction:


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