Can I vote for a progressive, African-American President again in 2016?

After hearing an old clip from a comedian who was inspired just after Pres. Obama was first elected... Who was basically saying that we would only be having black presidents from now on...

and after recent white-people politician dramas from our establishment politicians who so often are doing the same old same old...  

I was wondering if there might be an opportunity for those of us drawn to progressive social justice to vote for a progressive person of color in 2016?  I mean a REAL progressive....  Any information available on alternatives?  Anyone who needs to be encouraged to run??  

People who have been disenfranchised and risen above it have some of the most potent spiritual messages to give us, and have sometimes the most grounded and relevant perspective of all.  They also are (as we saw with Obama) emblematic of divine inclusion, divine hope, divine change toward us ALL being enfranchised now...    I love the message that an outsider has.  I love the grounding that a well-rooted outsider brings.  I love the prophetic way that they call the establishment to account for a more full sense of reality and of where we can go from here.

I'd gotten a piece of mail from some local Quakers and was appreciating the Shirley Chisholm stamp on it.  That's what got me thinking, in fatigue of politics as usual, of writing in "Shirley Chisholm for President" on my ballot when the next Presidential election rolls around.     

When that time does come, is my only option of a forward-thinking, cantankerous, willful, divine Spirit with integrity going to be Shirley Chisholm?

If you have knowledge of any relevant and present alternatives to consider, it would be most welcome.  (I won't use this space to debate politics with anyone, but just wanted to shout out a plea for such a candidate. )

...and if you ARE such a relevant and present alternative -- PLEASE APPLY to the U.S. people.  A lot of us would love you rather unconditionally, for being such an obnoxious spoke in the wheel, shifting priorities to those that DO need our full recognition and some divine attention in our world.

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Doing what a person's gotta do, what one is called to -- That matters!

Immediate outcomes are not within our control; and there's a whole mess of collective bad karma that this country inherited and strenuously seeks to worsen. Ultimate outcomes are in God's hands, bound to be good once we get through a little turbulence. Any influence for good we can expect will have that as its source, not some vain hope of micromanaging this country's death-spasms.

Hi Christopher,

I agree with your concerns and understand them (I think). 

To be clear -- I was simply speaking of how my vote counts because you brought that up, but I do feel very good about how my vote counts both personally an as far as influence goes.  

Very often one is in a situation where one feels that "lesser of two evils" scenario... and of course in those cases, it feels best to support that which is not the most seething with whatever we think is evil. 

But sometimes we feel moved by a powerful, good alternative (for me one way I feel that joy is in welcoming in the less accepted, powerfully good potential candidates and giving them the all-clear that there is room here for them).   In an age when so many are abused and feels good to stand with those who are seeking Light and need Light, instead of those who seem to be trying to manipulate the Light. 

At the moment, I feel (personally) that the only options we're being force-fed are candidates that want to manipulate the Light and that's really all there is to it for them... I feel personally tired of that and equally strongly intrigued and inspired by those who will speak truth to power in the political arena. 

I agree with Forrest's concerns that those people might get shot!  But I would love their witness and their prophetic words to us were strong and stirring even at great personal risk to themselves.    Actually I've been really amazed that Obama wasn't shot at the beginning....   At that point he seemed a game changer to a ridiculous degree and I thought someone would do him in for sure... Plenty of people are still clear that he's a (insert lie here such as muslim therefore must be a terrorist and can't be actually born in this country etc etc)     So given all that, as part of the political climate, maybe we're able to create enough safety for other game changers -- and those who might change things up much more. 

I would like to see another groundswell.   Someone that stands for simple goodness for the underdogs in a way that really takes care of all of us and appeals to the good sense of reason most of us can still locate...rather than an option that more mundanely attracts us toward "being reasonable" and strategic with our vote.    I guess I mean someone that we're moved by and/or vote for with our hearts.  informed hearts, but hearts nonetheless...instead of simply someone who inspires us to vote for the lesser between evils.  As I know it has been said, the result of the later is still evil.

(sorry about your internet problems on the site!  Have you tried the backup plan of frequent use of "select-all" and "copy" keyboard shortcuts?  Then you've got the material still if it blanks out...)

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