Adapt and Adopt Life-Giving Innovations! A Response to Micah Bales' " Airplane " Question.


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Response to Micah Bales' Article Question at the ' Lamb's War' Blog. 


“Can Quakerism Survive the Airplane?” 


Only if the "Airplane" is carrying emergency medical aid. 


Not if we go, for to long, to the calm stillness of a Friends Meeting House!


We must never take our spiritual anarchy for granted. 


But instead mix it. And merge it freely with the Other: The Traditionalist. Who? Our Friends. Protestants. Anglicans. Orthodoxy. And even, or even especially, the 'enemy'. Roman Catholics!


'Airplanes' is taken to mean technology and transportability. We should embrace innovations that preserve, train, produce, send and promote a Quaker message. The message? Compassion, harmony, beauty and individual spiritual anarchy. 


These are the 'Airplanes' we should embrace to help us thrive.


Otherwise we'll turn into the 'horse and carriage' of the religious world. While other groups, like unfortunately, the more Cult-like, by comparison, will freely utilize all, even questionable innovations, to help carry themselves to the stars.




Whether Mystic, Protestant, Anglican & Catholic or not, we must mix equally. Simple technology that preserves our compassion will assist survival. Growth is needed, sometimes slow, sometimes faster. But life must grow - and, I believe, there's life among us yet. If we remain ‘Children of the Light’.




I encourage the reading of Micah Bales'  "New Monasticism and Liturgy" since I think "Airplane" and the aforementioned article are very much joined at the hip.


As a Quaker Anglican and Anarchist, I found them particularly relevant.



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There is this rather toxic organization... which somehow has included people like Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, Archbishop Romero & some less-prominent examples. The sort of people the organization is currently working to suppress and eject, for some reason...

It's rather refreshing to belong to a disorganized religion. Sometimes frustrating, in that we could dither about something like "Should we give up slavery?" for many decades. Then again, although some of the early witnesses on this question probably felt burned, we didn't literally burn them, or shoot anyone in the process, and when we were done with it we were quite done.

Now we just need to get it equally straight on economic & class matters... but we'll need some pretty intense worship to get that right!
It's indeed an eternal struggle.
Thanks Forrest Curo.

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