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Do Quakers Believe in Continuing Revelation?

Me on Facebook recently [line breaks added]: People defending the institution of slavery all those years found much in the Bible to bolster…

Started by Kirby Urner

10 yesterday
Reply by Kirby Urner

Open Worship: An Insightful Statement from Salem Friends Church in Iowa

http://salemfriendschurch.org/what-we-believe/open-worship Note particularly the diagram at the end of the statement about when to speak in…

Started by William F Rushby

0 on 2nd day (Mon)

Conservative but not?

My confusion with the terms is obvious. I've spent so long trying to fit with Conservatives but not taking things as far or as seriously as…

Started by Anne

11 on 1st day (Sun)
Reply by William F Rushby

How Do We Explain This

I'm not sure of her current status; but a few years ago a good and well-intentioned young woman got the approval of her Meeting to follow w…

Started by Forrest Curo

3 on 1st day (Sun)
Reply by Keith Saylor

Quakerism as "Knowing Experimentally"

Given the new global geek culture based on "cloning, forking and merging" (software projects), I'm predicting that future Quaker forking ma…

Started by Kirby Urner

2 1st month 11
Reply by Kirby Urner

Food for Thought


Started by William F Rushby

42 1st month 4
Reply by Kirby Urner

Las Vegas Friends???

Hi I attended a meeting, (the only one I could find in this town actually) and there were two people in attendance, no first day school, an…

Started by Nahtalya

4 1st month 4
Reply by Robert Baldridge

Iran is Officially Anti-Nuke WMD

Iran is officially anti-nuke weapon, a position not oft reported in US Jingo-Gringo media. Even many Quakers have never heard of the Ban Tr…

Started by Kirby Urner

2 12th month 29, 2016
Reply by Kirby Urner

A Comforter -- or a Spirit of Comfortableness?

I know we're all doing the best we know how, that God does not want us to suffer more than is necessary or helpful -- and that people tend…

Started by Forrest Curo

0 12th month 4, 2016

Famous Quaker Men...

As we come closer to AFSC's Centennial, expect more focus on president Herbert Hoover and his legacy.  However, we learn more when we hav…

Started by Kirby Urner

3 11th month 29, 2016
Reply by Kirby Urner


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